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from June till August…

.. happened a lot, but unfortunately I had not any time to continue my blog. So, another „resume-article“ will (hopefully) compensate this! What happened? Apart from working end developing E-Mobility.pt as a reliable brand for electric bicycles, cargo- and commuter bikes in Portugal, we used our bikes a lot for pleasure (see illustration on the […]

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The follow-up visits: Vol.2

 Another innovative company that we met on Eurobike 2009 were the guys from Bionicon. Recommended by their good friends from Fixie-Inc. I visited their booth in Friedrichshafen. Though I was not looking after Mountain Bikes or anything else from the „sporty-section“ I was impressed by the package of technological outstanding solutions.  [A small step into […]

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Bullitt, Christiana, Winther…

It is Wint(h)er time and Europe is caught under ice and snow. Fortunately in Portugal we are not (yet) in the situation of this bike messenger from Berlin, who must use his Bullitt Cargo Bike under the worst circumstances.  Anyway – back to the topic: Since this year we have three Danish bike brands represented in Portugal: […]

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Biking for abandoned animals

Another two idealists..  Toni Aematteis (Italian) e Sabine Knoll (German) started with 2 bicycles and three dogs in Italy to pedal through Europe. They started on 22 of August 2008 in Ostuni (BR) and are are now in Portugal (near Aveiro). This is what „Journal de Notícias“ wrote today: Pedalada para salvar animais And this is […]

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