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The BionX Bullitt Cargobike

Finally we got it fixed – our new electric cargo bike: The BionX Bullitt. equipped with a PL 250 HT engine for the rear wheel and a special battery rack. Providing a higher torque, this model is the best in class for climbing, long rides and fast accelerations. Providing a quicker and higher % of […]

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rohloff-speedhub / bullitt-cargo bike

Supported by Rohloff AG/ Fuldatal we adapted a Rohloff Speedhub (14 internal gears) into a Bullitt FastCargoBike, made by LarryvsHarry, Denmark. This merger of two exclusive brands was even logical. A lot of clients already asked for that combination, but due to production logistic reasons there was so far no way to buy a Bullitt bike […]

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…finally we’re back! Due to a server switch our blog was more or less paralysed in a parallel-world for two weeks. No EUROBIKE internals as I promised, no pictures, but a lot of file back up, directory re-naming and so on… Means, that the files were on two different servers and everything has to be copied […]

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