Some month ago, I promised to write about new products from Eurobike 2010… I know.. 😉 But: I had not even the time to write about anything in the last 2 month, sorry…

There is a good reason for that. In September, I was being asked, if I wish to rent a small shop at Oporto seaside. A shop, where I left my vCard some weeks ago and forgot about it, because I was not really expecting any feedback. But then – all over sudden – the owner contacted me. The rest is already part of history, we agreed upon the renting and I took a closer look on the surrounding of my new place…

I wasn´t aware of the ideal position, it has. It is located at the main cycle lane, directly at the seaside in a recreation and nightlife area at Foz do Douro. Thousands of people (and potential customers) are passing there every day, and on the weekend it will be even more. Not to forget about the thousands of car drivers, who are stacked in the traffic jam, every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, like an always repeating procession throughout the year.

We were discussing in the company the need for a showroom already for a long time, but we always ended up with the conclusion that we might need it, but we will not have the time to promote it. After this new opportunity came up, we had to realize:

That place is the solution we were looking for, without knowing that it already exists.

The area itself was until August 2010 one of the ugliest short links to pass the old centre of Foz do Douro the fast way. No parking area, no cycle lane, a two lane inner-city road without any beauty (beside the sea view). You can still see it on the old Google Street View recording. Meanwhile it was transformed into a ONE WAY lane with parking areas, cycle lane and a pedestrian crossing directly in front of the shop. Take a look on the actual situation here.

Conclusion: There came up a lot of unexpected work on top of the schedule we already had: To start our distribution for Germany´s top cycle brand Kalkhoff and some other accessory brands, that we contacted on Eurobike, like Busch und Müller and Speedlifter for. ex. That made me stop any social network activity, I was just glad to continue some postings on Facebook. But don´t worry, I will not continue where I ended in September and bore you with Eurobike re-views.

There are others, who made this work for me in a very professional and extended way, so please take o look at the article in the famous blog of our good friend Henry Cutler from Workcycles, Amsterdam. What his professional eye registererd on the fair represents exactly the subjects, I would have mentioned. Even when I do not always share his opinion (especially concerning the weight and the handling of modern cargobikes.. 😛 I recommend his blog-post and his pictures on Flickr) Well done Henry, I should consider sending him again next year… 😉

Another subject, concerning our blog:

Many people asked me about the future and the target of I initially started this blog to keep people from abroad in touch with Portuguese UrbanMobility. I was asked to do this in Portuguese language, but I refused. There are meanwhile a lot of other quality blogs in Portuguese language, as for ex. LisbonCycleChic so that I will continue my target, to keep the non-Portuguese speaking community in touch with our developing country on the edge of Europe in English language.

People from Portugal are always invited to follow us, the information we are spreading is mainly orientated on national subjects – with the small,  little difference, that our main language will be English. Any guest authors, who wish to publish on our blog in Portuguese are welcome to join us. Just register as a user and I will give you publisher rights to start over!



Comment by Miguel

Hi there Steffen!

Good luck with your business… and thank you for the recommendation! 😉



Comment by Detlef

Gratulation, mein Lieber! Tolles Projekt, tolle Lage – viel Glück und Erfolg!


Comment by Tricia

Sounds like you’ve put in a lot of work. It looks like a perfect location. I hope you are very successful with it. The hard work will be rewarded, I’m sure.


Comment by Sally Allen

I am in Porto looking for a bike shop but I can’t find the name or the address here on your site! HELP. Thanks. Sally


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