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No Photos!

What? Yes, this is the new reality – The secret masters of „Copy & Paste“ do not wish themselves to be copied! Seen on Eurobike opposite of our booth in A 6. A nameless company from Thailand presented a very simple copy of an e-bike – coincidentally very similar to a model made by a larger brand from Holland. Even the stem shifter, the frame design and the chain protection were 1:1 copies of the original. But – and this is very self-ironic – they asked for not being „shot“ by visitors..

Hey people from Thailand: This is an international fair..  people are coming to see new stuff and for sure they will take photos! But the emphasis is on the word „NEW“.. so don´t worry, no one – apart from some lawyers will be interested in your stuff and take unauthorized photos.

And.. one last word – my dear Thai Copy-cats:

No one never-ever will copy a bad copy.. you already did it so nice, for sure someone in Old Europe appreciates giving you the inspiration… 😛

What else happened?

A lot of things, I nearly spent 2 weeks in Germany. I have not yet finished my „sort-out“ process of checking out the new stuff from the very new stuff, the interesting and funny stuff from the boring stuff and so on… so please give me one more week and I will post my personalized overview of the Eurobike 2010. I promise to try not to be boring…



Comment by Philip

Dear Lisbonize colleagues,

I love the work you are doing on your blog, and I share your views on cycling. Publications like your own have given us valuable insights on how cycling can (or: should) be approached. Thanks for that. A bit of background on myself: I am a Dutchman, I lived in Amsterdam, and I moved to Dublin, Ireland in January this year. My girlfiriend is setting up a small bike business, I write a blog on bikes.

I am now writing to ask if you would like to put a link to our blog Dutch in Dublin ( on your website. The blog is a personal account of our cycling lives in Dublin. Our goal is to show readers how romantic a simple thing as an everyday bike ride can be. For instance, we have a recurring item called ‚A Classy Commute‘, in which I interview (colourful) Dubliners on their cycle to work. The Classy Commute stories are meant to show cycling is not something sporty, and that every day normal people enjoy the smell, hearing, and colour of their route by bike. Recent interviews I did were with:

* Minister Eamon Ryan:
* Actress Kerrie O Sullivan:
* the Dutch Ambassador:
* Minister Ciaran Cuffe:

Apart from the Classy Commute item, our posts focus on (for example) stylish cycling (see our post on sytlish traffic signs), new bike products (read about our test ride on the urban arrow), or the people of Dublin (see the portraits at the Bernard Shaw pub). I think our stories on Dublin might also be of interest to your readers.

Muito obrigao,
Yours truly,



Comment by admin

hey Philip! Thanks for your comment. I am answering a little bit delayed, but read my last post, then you will know..;-)
Anyway, good luck for you in Dublin and let us keep in touch! [and beware of the Guinness..]
Cheers! Steffen


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