from June till August…

.. happened a lot, but unfortunately I had not any time to continue my blog. So, another „resume-article“ will (hopefully) compensate this!

What happened?

Apart from working end developing as a reliable brand for electric bicycles, cargo- and commuter bikes in Portugal, we used our bikes a lot for pleasure (see illustration on the left-hand side) and for demonstration purposes.

We organized several presentations and let people try the difference of well-engineered bicycle solutions for daily use.

The product range:

We tested the first Yuba Mundo bicycle that came to Portugal via USED-HQ from Germany. (We decided to have an own retail brand apart from being distributor for other brands – no brand development, no B2B, just selling a good product)

A first client was found immediately, (convinced by me – driving his family around..) others had already an eye on that multi-purpose bike from the US. Recently we delivered two bikes in the city area of Porto – we just banded them on the back of the Yuba.. 😉 Great cinema!

Like this, the Yuba Mundo – in it´s new version 3.0 – fits fine into our product range of sophisticated cargo bikes, that we already brought to this market. It was a quite logic decision to complete our bandwidth in that direction. It is affordable, has a reasonable weight and an enormous max. load. (up to 300 kg)

After the Gazelle Cabby – a more lightweight and stylish alternative to the old-fashioned and heavy „bakfiets“ from Holland – we brought the Bullitt from Denmark, the fastest cargo bike in t he world – Tokyo CMWC championship winner 2009 – a frame made of aluminium and a steering and brakesystem – that – apart from winning races 😉 serves for hauls of more than 200 kg.

To line up with standard dimension cargo bikes for daily use, we introduced the Heavy-Duty range from Gazelle and the stylish UrbanCargo from Bionicon.  Finally for people who are looking for a three-wheel solution, we have the Winther Kangaroo in the industrial version, a trike with the best and smoothest steering system available on the market. Made out of lightweight and durable aluminum as well, designed by the famous Bullitt designers. For us, a cargo bike should carry a load – but not it´s own weight, therefore (and for other reasons) we considered the brands above mentioned.

The Transformer arrived!

A mobile music unit with a set of 2 high-end amplifiers  to be used as a PA on bicycles – yes! That was a dream and will be a tool for our events in 2011.

2 x 600 W in a Kenwood active system, 12 V supply, powered by high-capacity batteries and mounted on our E-Bullitt with the famous BionX HT-Engine is a unique reference for this kind of equipment in combination with a cargo bike. The Bullitt carries 250 Kg and it is still „rideable“ in an acceptable way. We had not yet the time to promote this fantastic toy in the way it deserves, but you may count with a „bang“ in 2011! 😉 ..for sure…

Some impressions are already on Facebook

E-Mobility in Portugal…

..will be one of the hottest issues in 2011 – as it already is in the rest of Europe ! Means: 20% increase effect on the bike market in Germany and other countries. What product brought this effect before? The re-creation of the wheel.. 😉

Therefore we decided to go for the distribution of the German market leader in that product area – the company Kalkhoff (Derby-Cycle Group) a company with a more than 90 year-old experience in bicycle manufacturing situated in Cloppenburg/Germany.

E-Bikes „Made in Germany“, based on three propulsion concepts:

The Panasonic center engine, the Panasonic front engine and finally the BionX rear engine in specially adapted bicycles, each designed for it´s purpose.

..and finally:


I am already on the departure, therefore this post will be continued on Saturday when the fair is over..!



Comment by fietshendrik

Hi! Nice to read, that in Portugal things are developing, congratulations! Your are writing about classic dutch bikes a little bit negative. I think they do not deserve that.. 😉
Any reason, why you do not sell the wooden box cargo bikes from De Fietsfabrik or They are our classical and timeless transportation tools since the last century and they are very approved! check them out! Wish you good luck for the furure! H.


Comment by The Lisbonizer

hey Hendrik! Thanks for your opinion! Sorry for answering with such a delay, but I was a little bit busy these weeks.
You asked, why we did not consider the bakfiets or the fietsfabrik transport bikes? Sincerely – and I pointed that already out in another article – they are too heavy and as you said: They are old-fashioned!
I think a new market deserves new and innovative products, such as the electric bike, the lightweight cargobike and other interesting new urban mobility solutions. Everything and every product has it´s time.
Definitely the old-school bikes from Holland made their way in the time they had. But did you ever try a fast cargo bike made from aluminium? That is not just pure transport – this is pure fun!
And it is a professional tool at the same time. So please don´t take it bad – our commitment is to innovative products.
(As well there is a transportation-cost problem with these wooden-box monsters…)
But as the official Portuguese Gazelle importer I do not speak generally against Dutch bikes.
Did you ever consider the Gazelle Cabby as an actual alternative.? it is 10 kg lighter, has a collapsible box and contrary to commonly propagated opinions it is the new interpretation of the bakfiets..
But this is just my humple opinion, so feel free to reply!
Cheers to you so far! S.


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