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Recently I saw I photo of Crown Princess Maxima from Holland on a Gazelle NL Heavy Duty. It was nice to see, that the Dutch Royals are riding their own products… . I was trying to imagine, how the Dutch Crown Princess steps into a local bicycle shop and bought herself a bicycle. Maybe Prince Willem-Alexander was waiting in front of the shop, with his political – correct hybrid SUV to bring the precious goods (bike + princess) back home. But maybe it was totally different and my fantasy is much more creative than reality was.. 😉

Anyway, we thought what is good for Royals can not not even be good enough for us and so we ordered a Gazelle Miss Grace, the noble and stylish derivative of the Gazelle NL Heavy Duty. We brought the bike to our exhibition „Mobilidade Urbana“ that is currently running in OPorto at Belomonte20 Gallery. When arriving, I left the bike outside the gallery to attract people and to make them curious to step inside. That was the best we could do, a lot of people stopped, saw the bike, came to see the exhibition and we had „Full-House“.

Even a Dutch couple came in to have a look on bicycles from the Netherlands – 2.800 km away from home. (Do they suffer, the Dutch people, when they don´t see any bicycles longer than one week..? 😉

But they were very interested and they noticed our little project and appreciated much to learn about activities of Urban Mobility community that are actually happening in Portugal. When I told them, that we started our business inspired by a visit of Amsterdam in 2008, they were happy!

BTW: Our exhibition will continue until 15 of May, we are changing from week to week some pieces and we are planning different activities. On 25 of April I will meet the people from „Movimento Alternativo“ and check out, if some of them are interested to visit our place on the day of their annual meeting. Next Friday (30. April) I will join „Massa Crítica“ in OPorto, to invite them as well.

At least some actual picture od street-working „Miss Grace“:

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Comment by Sheila Maris

It’s a wonderful feeling to know too that the Dutch Royals are riding their own product. The fact that they patronize their own ventures or products show a good example and testimonial that they have a great product with a great price offer in the market.


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