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..the new DutchBike comes from Germany: The Bionicon UrbanCargo, a real adaptation of the classic spirit of a commuter bike transferred into Lifestyle and feeling of the new decade of urban cycling. ..

And today it came to Portugal!  😉 Probably the first bionicon bike ever in Portugal…

We adapted some accessoríes like the famous bootbag from Hebie and some other Goodies“ that we will present later. But the most important: This bike is really cool! It rolls like a Chopper, it looks like a MTB and it is 100% practical and carries a real load. Who is not in the urgent need for our Bullitt CargoBike, because he won´t ever carry more than 50 kg on his bike, will find the perfect tool with that bike. Next week we will adapt our mobile music engine from KlaraGeist/Berlin and the go out for some cool and relaxed rides! See you!?


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