The follow-up visits: Vol. 1

On Eurobike 2009 we made a lot of contacts and meanwhile we realized (already in 2009) several brand implementations in the Portuguese market. To improve these contacts and to know better the people behind the brands we decided to visit in early 2010 all the companies we meanwhile represent. Even if it was just for curiosity. First of all it was serious and for business. But for sure it was as well for fun. So let´s start in a small town in Southern Germany called Karlsruhe aka Home of the Heroes: Fixie-town!

I met two exhausted heroes, dropping just in after one week of organisation and participation at Greifmasters Bikepolo.

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Recep and Holger started their biz in 2004 and they did it right from „zero“. In the beginning they were the „bad boys“ – being chased away from the fairground when promoting their bikes in a „guerrilla-way“ Meanwhile they are the proud holders of a Eurobike award and several design awards around the world. They turned their company from a garage story to an established brand in the bicycle market. When I was visiting them last week they proudly presented their new warehouse which sets up another milestone in logistic capability. We agreed upon an individual strategy for the Portuguese market, to allow the brand to grow as well in Southern Europe. Meanwhile we´ve got 4 dealers in the Lisbon area and we are looking for more enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are visionary enough to invest in UrbanMobility with style.. [*Marketing mode „OFF“] 😉


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