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It is Wint(h)er time and Europe is caught under ice and snow.

Fortunately in Portugal we are not (yet) in the situation of this bike messenger from Berlin, who must use his Bullitt Cargo Bike under the worst circumstances.  Anyway – back to the topic: Since this year we have three Danish bike brands represented in Portugal: After the Bullitt Cargobikes – made by Larryvsharry – were introduced by E-Mobility.pt our  collogues ofCenas a Pedalfrom Lisbon made a hugh effort to order a Christiana – Truck – sorry – a three-wheeler from independent bike builders Christiana/Copenhagen.

BTW: Talking of „Christiana-bikes“…, These days I got caught by an international topic origin from NY Times, published for ex. on Copenhagenize.com and in local newspapers:

Christiana bike stolen, with 3 sleeping children in it:

A bicycle thief in Copenhagen got rather more than he bargained for when he stole a Christiania transport bike in the Danish capital when he subsequently found three children sleeping in the cargo box.

The children’s father had left them asleep while he popped into a shop in the city’s Nørrebro district, and according to the Copenhagen Post, as soon as the thief discovered his haul, he asked the eldest child, age seven, where they lived, and promptly delivered them to a neighbour.

The latter contacted the police, who arrested a 39-year-old man shortly afterwards, with duty officer Mads Firlings of Copenhagen Police saying, „he actually acted very responsibly once he discovered the children.”

So far to this serious but in a certain way funny episode. Perhaps it could had happened because of the non-transparent tent, that was fixed over the Christiana cargo compartment?

Or maybe it is just a symbol for the urgent need of cargo tricycles in European cities?!

To come to an end and clear up the secret around „Wint(h)er time:

At my visit in Copenhagen in December, I decided finally to step into that market too and it was just a small step from the Bullitt bikes (designed by the famous Danish designer Lars Malmborg) to the WINTHER bikes (as well designed by the famous Danish designer Lars Malmborg 😉

We will offer three different models:




So.. stay tuned, I´ll be back soon!

And don´t forget: Always use a transparent cover to protect your children from the rain! (and from being stolen by hazard.. 😉



Comment by Anna

Funny story about the stolen bike with the three kids. At least the oldest knew where he lived. They must have wondered what was going on. Alls well that ends well!


Comment by Sheridan Berry

Winter bikes are totally awesome. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors. My brother has a winter bike and he named it after a Lord of the Ring character. Guess what? It’s Gollum.


Comment by Stephanie

That’s a cool little bike – the bullitt.


Comment by chicken coops for sale

„And don´t forget: Always use a transparent cover to protect your children from the rain! (and from being stolen by hazard.. ;-)“

Isn’t it heartwarming to read the behaviour of the theif?

Hey, they too are human beings and they too have a heart of their own.

I know I will be using this story in this week’s sunday class.


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