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Rohloff Speedhub @Bullitt FastCargoBike

Rohloff Speedhub @Bullitt FastCargoBike

Supported by Rohloff AG/ Fuldatal we adapted a Rohloff Speedhub (14 internal gears) into a Bullitt FastCargoBike, made by LarryvsHarry, Denmark.
This merger of two exclusive brands was even logical. A lot of clients already asked for that combination, but due to production logistic reasons there was so far no way to buy a Bullitt bike with that exclusive propulsion system.
But as E-Mobility-Systems, Portugal dedicated it´s activities not only to electric solutions, we thought about an individual package for clients, who wish to ride a Bullitt with a Speedhub. On Eurobike 2009 we discussed the case with the technicians from Rohloff and we sorted out the basic frame, that would fit. We decided to use the external gear version of the Bullitt MilkPlusand built it up with a Speedbone as a mounting support for the external shifter unit.
The parts fitted perfectly and the whole solution is – apart from being a technical beauty – 100% compatible.
We will test this bike soon under real conditions. Actually we ride it with a BionX electric conversion Kit setup.
After conclusion of these tests, we will check the Rohloff/Bullitt combination and post more pictures.

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Comment by Briana

That speed hub is so expensive and it is really great to have that one in the bike. By the way how much did you buy it? That speed hub is amazing, imagine 14 internal gears. Its sucks!



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