The BionX Bullitt Cargobike

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The Electric RiderFinally we got it fixed – our new electric cargo bike: The BionX Bullitt. equipped with a PL 250 HT engine for the rear wheel and a special battery rack.

Providing a higher torque, this model is the best in class for climbing, long rides and fast accelerations. Providing a quicker and higher % of assistance than the PL250 with the 25,9V standard battery .

Motor: 250 Watts
Autonomy*: 90 km
Battery:36,9V- LiMn – 10 Ah
Weight: 7.7 kg  (motor and battery pack)

*: Average based on one battery charge, using assistance mode level 1, according to  use in ideal conditions. Distances will vary depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist weight and assistance required

After testing it the first km at night – just because we were so curious to ride it – we must confess, that it is an outstanding experience, riding a cargo bike with electric assistance. The whole bike has now a weight of 30 kg (including engine and battery) and it goes easily up tom 25 km/h on a decent hill, with a little help of pedaling and in the highest gear. The engine needs for sure some adaptation for the lower speed areas. But these are small fixes. The whole system is very convincing, seems that the Bullitt has just waited for assistance.. 😉

Beginning of next month we will do a practice test on our new „ciclovia“ in Oporto.



Comment by serge

Hello from Lorient (Bretagne – France)

Could you please tell me if you ‚ve got it with the electric engine & battery set fixed on or is it your job
How much does it cost to you (Bullitt price + Bion X)?
Thank’s by advance



Comment by admin

Hi! I build it up on my own. it was for a prototype. Will cost you approx. 3.700,- €



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