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#1 breakin´news from Lisbon/Portugal:

Take a look at this: The first bike messenger service in Portugal!

Wow! What makes this country so difficult for the most simple idea of the world? Using a bicycle for fast and ecological transport service in bigger citie´s? OK, there is no real structure, no sensibility, no historical culture and so on.. but no there is no excuse anymore:

We have our own cycle heroes and we wish them „good legs“ and good luck!

And for all the others, who want to support a new and green service:

Just book them, hire them, send them around the town and let them work for you! They love to ride and they will love to deliver your orders: Camisola amarela!



# 2 breakin´ news from messenger´s world comes from Tokyo..

Bullitt is World champion! In April, the Bullittbikes were racing in the Danish Cargo bike Championship.Though they won the relay, they were beaten by a spoke in the final. In May team Bullitt went to Berlin for the European Championship for Messengers. Four of their bikes were in the Top 5 what is fantastic, but Gold was still missing.

Finally on 23rd of September the cargo bikes raced at the Messenger World Championship in Tokyo, CWMC. The 4-time world champion, Erik Zo, had joined Team Bullitt for this event. But it was Angus from the Trackbike Shop in Copenhagen, who took the gold. Congratulations to Team Bullitt, Hans, Lars and for sure to Angus!

(and thank you Hans, for giving me inspiration to the lines above, you might recognice the style.. 😉


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