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The Lisbonizer
Olá amigos!
Hello friends!

We started in October 2008 collecting information about urban mobility solutions, that are available in Portugal. This lead us to the conclusion, that a lot of work could be done and a lot of products – already available in the rest of Europe – could be interesting for that market to indicate solutions and practical hints. As we realized soon, there is a very active and courageous community in Portugal already working on the subject. There is a big movement in the society that comes along with individual transport, alternative vehicles and traffic solutions. But unfortunately no one out of Portugal noticed this so far.

We have many Blogs, we have a lot of idealistic bike dealers, activities and – last not least – we have a revolutionary bike rental and mobility concept for students! But this is maybe known in some parts of Spain and for sure to some individualists in the rest of Europe. But generally these facts were not so well known as they should be!

 So we decided to use this blog in the beginning as a collecting tool for links, sites, activities that are already known and practiced in Portugal. To tell the rest of the world of bicycle blogs what goes on in this country. Therefore the blog appears mainly in English. To let people from abroad be part of what is going on in Portuguese bike-scene. And to initiate – vice-verse – a interchange of information about bike culture and products.  Of course: PRODUCTS! Means, bikes, accessories, tools, services and so on..
Gotcha! Commercial targets! Yes! But not only for the things that we sell on As well for everyone who feels free to present something really new or innovative or his own company. Take it as a platform and let us see, how it works!

Independent from this we are always looking for guest editors, who are interested in publishing Portuguese content as a additional feature for the future! Subscribe yourself as an author or send us a mail with your suggestion!

So far this Blog will link to other famous bike blogs in the world – I think, I already mentioned some oft them.. 😉

BTW: recently there was a famous bike race, that the World MUST have noticed! It took place in Copenhagen, a harbour city with not ANY curve in it! Would it be a real challenge to invite Marc from and Colvile Andersen from to shoot this out again in Porto or Lisbon?

Cities with a landscape to fall in love and some decent curves:

Lisbon HarbourPorto Old Harbour


I will get them!

So far, take a look at this:

BTW: I know.. we are a little bit delayed with our shedule, but promised:
This was the third (and last announcement).. now content is following.. 😉



Comment by Marc

Olá amigo! :)

This is great! And we’re honored of course :). It doesn’t take much to get over to Portugal (just time and money, I guess), but speaking of content, why don’t you set up your own ‚race‘ or anything similar? You’ll love it! Oh, and we would too!

Looking forward to more,



Comment by The Lisbonizer

boa tarde Amsterdamizer!

no way… my own race could only be a copy of your legendary harbour-event..I will set up something totally different!
Wait and see.. 😉


Comment by Sonny

Biking around Portugal sounds like so much fun. I hope that I can earn enough money someday to visit the country. Too bad I live so far away.


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