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Picture copyright: Bernd Otten

Picture copyright: Bernd Otten


..maybe in the tradition of copenhagenize.com? or amsterdamize.com?

In November 2008 I started on YouTube to show some of my videos, taken during the introduction of my new project „Urban Mobility“ in Portugal.

Getting soon a lot of feedback in relation to the short time that these clips were online, I started a small Blog at Google Blogger.

Meanwhile a friend recommended me Word press-blogging as much more sophisticated and powerful and..

…so I am here!



Comment by amsterdamize

Nice! Welcome and I’m looking forward to some great insights into Portuguese mobility!

Cheers, Marc


Comment by The Lisbonizer

hey! some hours online and already the first comment… wow!
ThanX a lot!
We are still doing beta-testing, but till the end of February, more content will be found.. 😉
I ll keep you informed!
Cheers back, Steffen


Comment by Carrie

Love your blog. I’m a fellow bike rider enthusiast and I’m planning a trip to Portugal soon I just might pedal around the city.

See you around!


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